Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB)

/Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB)

Empty Fruit Bunch Fibres And Pellet Offer A Cost Effective High Energy Biomass Fuel Suitable For Most Boiler Grating Systems

Empty Fruit Bunch, also known as EFB is an excellent biomass fuel choice for the large power plant and centralised steam boilers with immediate advantages of lower cost for a little less calorific value.

As well as a stand alone fuel, Empty Fruit Bunch is also used in conjunction with other fuel types to help regulate internal furnace temperatures by taking advantage of its raw state variable moisture levels.


We offer processed Empty Fruit Bunch Fibre which is a fibrous material with fibre length variation of 10-20 cm with reduced moisture content between 30-50% depending on customer requirements.


We further process the EFB fibres through series of processes such as crushing, drying, cooling and packing to form a quality pellet and in doing so offer a fuel pellet with high Calcific Value. Another significant advantage is in low smoke and fumes emissions during combustion.

EFB Pellets are custom made to your requirements and are available by request. Please share your fuel needs with us so that we may tailor your pellets to your exact specification.

    • Raw material for power plant
    • Idea Low-Cost Biomass Fuel Option
    • High Calorific Value
    • Sustainable
    • Helps Regulate Furnace Temperature
    • 100% Biomass Fuel
    • High Energy Efficiency
    • Low Moisture
    • High Calorific Values
    • Minimal Smoke And Fume Emissions
    • Broad Application
    • Suitable For Most Boiler Grating Systems
    • Easy Handling And Storage

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