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Established in 2011 on the unwavering faith that humanity’s existence is deeply connected to Mother Nature, Malaysian biomass manufacturer BIO ENECO™ was borne out of a passion to use natural resources conscientiously for the benefit of mankind, now and for generations to come.Being a key player in green energy industry, BIO ENECO™ offers a variety of high-grade biomass products such as wood pellets and palm kernel shells (PKS).


There are not many ten years in your life. Fight for it!

The CEO, Mr. Oliver Yeo, is also the founder of Golden World Metal Sdn. Bhd. a recycling business in Malaysia.

In 2018, he envisioned the great potential of the biomass and took up the challenge to invest in BIO ENECO™ Sdn Bhd. In the coming years, he envisages that the green environment will be the future and there will be a bright sight in biomass industry which is on high demand by overseas clean energy business.  With his leadership and managing experiences, he hopes to contribute on expanding the company.

Mr. Oliver Yeo

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