Sustainability at BIO ENECO

/Sustainability at BIO ENECO

Sustainability has always been embedded at the core of BIO ENECO SDN.  BHD. (“BIO ENECO”) ‘s corporate focus and culture.

Our company’s primary business activity as a world-class biomass manufacturer underscores our passion to utilize our natural resources conscientiously for the benefit of mankind, now and for generations to come.

Being a progressive and growth-oriented organization, we also believe that our commitment to sustainable best practices will facilitate the creation of long-term and robust value growth for our shareholders and diverse stakeholders.

As such, we have and will continue to endeavor towards embracing the tenets of sustainability throughout our value chain in a tangible and meaningful manner.

In tandem with our commitment, BIO ENECO’s Sustainability Focus is streamlined into the three core pillars of Environment, Social and Governance or ESG, which is, in turn, aligned to the very principles of our organizational values:


Energy, Nature, Efficiency, Credibility, Optimism


Additionally, our Sustainability Agenda is guided by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals in order to ensure that our business can facilitate the global call to improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.





Staying true to our “Greens Come True” purpose, we regard environmental matters as one of our priorities that is close to our heart. We are committed to conducting all our business activities in harmony with the environment by promoting the use of sustainable resources, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and biodiversity and ecosystem protection.

BIO ENECO’s primary role as a key player in the green energy industry is to offer various high-grade biomass products such as wood pellets and palm kernel shells (PKS).

BIO ENECO ensures that all our products adhere to a sustainable harvesting system while maintaining the desired level of quality without any compromise.

Our Environmental Policy sets out the key principles that we have adopted for responsible and sustainable biomass practices:

Principle 1: We are committed to meeting all our environmental compliance obligations, such as relevant environmental legislations, regulations and standards to which the company subscribes.

Principle 2: We are committed to the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution. To this end, we strive to minimise our operational impacts by reducing our carbon footprint from energy consumption and business operation and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources to help the prevention of global warming, air and water pollution.

Principle 3: We support green energy policy and implement programmes to use energy more efficiently while adopting good energy management practices.

Principle 4: We practice responsible and green procurement to the extent possible. We expect our suppliers to comply with local environmental laws and regulations and ensure the protection of the environment.

Principle 5: Environmental protection is the responsibility of all our employees. We are committed to actively raising awareness among our employees and educating wider stakeholders about the importance of environmental protection.




BIO ENECO believes that a company’s growth relies not only on its environmental responsibility but also on its responsibility towards the society. Furthermore, we believe that growth should be inclusive and that no one should be left behind.

BIO ENECO aims to improve human welfare and meet human needs for economic security, inequality, and health that we follow the fundamental principles for :

  • Non-discrimination
  • Fair employment & salary conditions
  • Health and safety
  • Workplace security
  • Privacy/data protection
  • International labour standards
  • Community rights
  • Other policies which support our organisation’s commitment to delivering high standards of service.

BIO ENECO believes that giving back to society is of utmost importance to make a positive change in the world from time to time. We have been raising awareness among our employees and stakeholders for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programmes such as volunteering programmes, donations to local charity homes or schools, involvement in food aid for the homeless and other relevant charity programmes.




BIO ENECO believes that good governance and good business go hand in hand. Therefore, we are fervent in conducting our businesses along with our strong leadership team on all facets with a high level of discipline, transparency, accountability, and social responsibility.

BIO ENECO understands that it is vital that our business practices and processes are governed responsibly. Therefore, reviewing accounting statements and tax policies is done in line with local and national regulations.

BIO ENECO works closely with various governmental, industrial and professional partners to ensure our internal practices and policies lead to effective decision-making and legal compliance.