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Our Product

Through dedicated research and development coupled with modern manufacturing capabilities, BIO ENECO™ boost the natural qualities of biomass raw materials to enhance their calorific value of their premium grade biomass fuels. Consequently, quality and quantity are always assured.

Commercial And Domestic Uses

Our biomass fuel products are ideal for general industrial heating requirements and represent a wise choice for industrial boilers and furnaces for power generation plants, steel, cement and brick factory furnaces. Our manufacturing operations are scalable and readily able to deliver large volume orders. Our products are also ideal for household usages such as Wood Pellets or PKS Pellet for home heating systems and barbeque fuel. Our Wood Pellet is also suitable for animal use. With enough water added the wood pellet, it will produce a comfortable and clean animal bedding. Furthermore, our Wood Chip product is suited to garden use for pathways or bedding coverage.

Quality Biomass Fuel Products

Focusing our biomass fuel development goals on high calorific values, we are dedicated to creating a cleaner and more environmentally friendly fuel. All our product ingredients are natural, organic, biomass materials, chosen not only for their superior burning qualities but also their sustainability. As well as supplying industry recognised biomass fuels such as Wood Pellet and Palm Kernel Shell, we have made it our mission to research, develop and bring to market higher quality biomass products that set new benchmarks to the industry.

Private Labelling Upon Request

An opportunity exists for wholesaler or retailer to have private labelling on the products. For more details on such request, please use our online Quote Request Form to enquire further.

Product Availability

In addition to the small to medium sized requirements, we also have the resources and the facilities to fulfil large orders over 100,000 tonnes per month. Large orders require at least 3-month pre-ordering to ensure all requirements are met and fulfilled. At BIO ENECO™, we understand the importance of the continual supply of your fuel product, especially when considering all dependency factors when producing energy. We make on-time delivery of your product our priority and in doing so, providing a reliable and satisfactory service.


Our Manufacturing operations, as well as pelleting factories, are conveniently positioned near to Port Klang. We can also arrange International shipping from other ports depending on your requirements. Details upon request.


A selection of packaging is offered depending on individual needs. The options include Jumbo bag (800 kg) polypropylene woven laminated bags, 20-feet container, 40-feet container or mother vessel based on FOB or CNF terms. If you require any further information, please contact us for more information.

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