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Palm Kernel Shells

Palm kernel shell (PKS) in it’s raw; unprocessed form is readily applicable to boilers and furnaces. However, natural state, raw palm kernel shells contain high moisture and high level of unwanted contaminants such as germs, fungus, bacteria, diseases, insects, sludge, ammonia and etc., all resulting in bad odours, unclean emissions, and ultimately, low calorific values.

We can manufacture the PKS depending on our customers’ requirements.  Next, we rotary dry roast the PKS to further kill any remaining bacteria. Our processing enhances the PKS burning qualities and cleans the biomass material to offer combustion that releases only clean, safe and aromatic emissions. Please contact us to let us know your requirements.

  • Chemical Free
  • Comes from sustainable source
  • Bacteria Free
  • Low Ash
  • Variable Moisture
  • Cleaner Emissions
  • Improved Shelf Life
  • Pleasant Aroma
  • Total Moisture, (ARB)  16-20%±
  • Gross Calorific Value, (ARB) 3,800-4,000 Kcal/Kg±
  • Total Sulphur, (DB)  0.01-0.05%±
  • Chlorine (DB), 0.01-0.05%±
  • Sodium (DB),  0.01-0.05%±
  • Potassium (DB), 0.10-0.15%±
  • Ash (DB),  3.0-7.0%±
  • Foreign Material, (ARB)  <1.0%±

On analysis of our PKS sample, the results were obtained from the independent surveyor. All the tests and certificates are for indication only. It might vary from time to time.

Please contact us for more information on our Lab Test Report. Thank you.

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