CSR Project- Old Folks’ Home Visit

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News Title: CSR Project- Old Folks’ Home Visit

Date: 12 January 2019

Venue: Kim Loo Ting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Organiser: JOCOM, JCI Achiever and BIO ENECO™

BIO ENECO™: As one of the co-organisers of the old folks’ home Pre-Chinese New Year Visit, the BIO ENECO™ team paid a visit to Kim Loo Ting Old Folks’ Home. The old folks’ home is linked to Kim Loo Ting Temple and the conditions for the old folks’ home is deplorable. Most of the residents are neglected by their family members and most were sent by hospitals after extended admissions and inability to pay for medical fees. The centre is run mainly on charity and residents are all on vegetarian diet. Some residents are blind and in constant need of medical attention. There are few permanent staff and volunteers to help with upkeeping, maintenance, cooking for the residents and general help.

Other than visitng the residents, the BIO ENECO™ team distributed red packets and donated household items and cheque with a total of close to RM 2,000 to the old folks’ home. The team hopes that with the little contribution, they could lift the spirits of the residents.